The Five Element Series
Time is TBD
Location will vary across East London
Time is TBD
Location will vary across East London
Buy this block ticket for five 2 hour workshops so as you move through the seasons you gain an understanding and embodied awareness of The Five Elements and the Twelve Principal Meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each workshop goes in-depth and has only 8 spaces in total.

I host a range of workshops from Shiatsu, to Grow your own food, to Fermentation and many more. 

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The workshops from last years programme (March 2019 - March 2020) were The Five Element Series are listed:

The element | the Meridian

Wood | Liver/Gall Bladder - April 27th  sold out

Fire | Heart meridians - June 9th  sold out

Fire | Heart meridians -July 9th sold out

Earth | Stomach/Spleen - September 29th sold out

Metal | Lung/Large Intestine - November 26th sold out

Water | Kidney/ Bladder - January 2020 sold out

Times: One workshop each month. 

Location: Venues will vary across East London.

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