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My interaction with plants and gardens is closely related to my shiatsu and acutonics practice — across all materials I work with the principle of qi. Earth care, small-scale forest gardening principles, the five elements and ecological cycles, as well as the visual aspect within the garden space, are all important aspects of my approach. I am particularly interested in the plant-human relationship, I like to create gardens with edible and medicinal plants and often encourage culinary uses of them. Recently I have introduced the use of acutonic tuning forks onto soils connecting the frequencies of the planetary bodies with the ground and growth cycles.

This interdisciplinary approach ensures the garden engages and meets the needs of the people using it, whilst also meeting the needs of other life forms and cycles in the garden: bacteria, fungi, soil, nutrient cycles and more. When designing outdoor spaces, smell, sound, colour, textures, the five elements, geometry, and the historical use of the land are all considered, creating visually stimulating spaces as well as ones that connect with the senses. Beyond design and installation I offer garden maintenance, regular visits or one off visits to keep your outdoor space healthy and flourishing. Get in touch about your garden by sending me an e-mail.  


Tate Britain, A Common Ground, demonstration edible garden. Co-created with Dunya Kalantery. We hosted a sensory walk through the garden  as part of the exhibit.

Dalston Roof Park, Hackney. Roof garden designed to accommodate a range of events in the space.


Closer to the Veg exhibition, Highgate.

'Jonathan McCree's The Knowledge of Good And Evil each allotment plot is reflective of it's keepers time, character, intentions and aesthetic. Much like a lock of artists' studios the allotment in some ways a forced community of solitary makers. This piece plays on this in his construction of a sculpture inspired by medieval stocks. As spectators, rather than casting stones, we were invited to throw fruit and veg at the work. By encouraging this act and in his collaboration with Joy Rose who created planting to reflect the work, McCress reflects on the communalities between the process of gardening and that of art making, "a subtle balancing of the energies of destruction and creation. Whether out of joy or anger, we may choose to throw, chuck, bowl, roll or lob, our activity at once adds and takes away, creates and destroys".'


Bee garden, Hackney. An old run down car park converted into a herb and bee-friendly garden, where all the planting containers needed to be mobile.

Olive grove and vineyard, Chile. Small-scale family farm with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts and wine! We import our natural wine to the UK you can buy TINTE here

olive grove
pais vines
wine harvest
aubergine crop
olive oil and agraz from the farm
home grown almonds
veg garden
want to try the wine?
want to try the wine?
want to try the agraz?
bees hive in the orchard

Community gardens, Hackney. Creating educational spaces and growing fruits and vegetables!

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