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SHIATSU & YOGA - The Fire Element & Heart Meridian

We are well into Spring, receive shiatsu and experience dynamic yoga to keep your mind and body in full flow so you will keep moving forward creatively, with clarity and conviction.
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SHIATSU & YOGA - The Fire Element & Heart Meridian

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Paper Dress Yoga, 352 Mare St, London E8 1HR, UK

What to expect

We are well into Spring, take a moment to see which things you envisioned at the start of this season are taking shape. In this workshop will be looking at detoxification, keeping your ideas and body in action and flow whilst clearing out the parts you don’t need.

In oriental medicine the wood element and the Gall Bladder meridian are closely linked. The imagery of supple fresh shoots emerging from the old hard wood of last year’s growth, and new seeds germinating as it gets brighter and warmer, illuminate the shift in the wood energy around us at this time of year. This shift of energy also occurs within us and is embodied in the Gall Bladder meridian. If the rising wood energy struggles to move in the body it can cause stiffness and pain in our joints and in the mind feelings of frustration, lack of ambition and serious indecision. If there is flow, you will be able to move forward creatively, with clarity and conviction.

During this 90 minute workshop you will receive a shiatsu treatment integrated with acutonics (sound healing) from Joy Rose and experience yoga with a fantastic yoga practitioner that will activate your Gall Bladder energy bringing energising and detoxifying movement into your body and mind.

What to expect:

Energising yoga sequence

Shiatsu treatment working on Gall Bladder energy - smoothing and relaxing the muscles.

Gaining a basic understanding of the wood element in oriental medicine.

Qi gong and stretches to activate and support the flow of your Liver energy.

Learn about medicinal herbs that are good for the liver.

This workshop is part of a Joy Rose’s workshops series [INSERT LINK} that will be running throughout the year (Spring 2019 - Spring 2020). You will gain an awareness at each workshop of the Five Elements and 12 Principal Meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and receive hands on treatments of shiatsu, acutonics and a range of other therapies from other creative talented practitioners over the course of the workshops. You will also get to experience a selection of medicinal herbs that are relevant through the seasons.

  • Wood - Gall Bladder(Earlybird)
  • Wood - Gall Bladder