Tue, 26 Nov | Private Studio, Hackney

Shiatsu & Sound Ritual | Metal Element

How do you feel in autumn? Do you look forward to decompressing & slowing down? Or do you feel it's more of a challenging time when things get dark and cold, and you may be feeling more doom and gloom than usual? This workshop combines shiatsu & sound ritual to explore your Metal element.
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Shiatsu & Sound Ritual | Metal Element

Time & Location

26 Nov 2019, 18:30 – 22:00
Private Studio, Hackney, London E8 3PE, UK

What to expect

As we move through autumn how do you feel? Do you look forward to decompressing & slowing down? Or do you feel it's more of a challenging time when things get dark and cold? You may be feeling more doom and gloom than usual?  In Traditional Chinese medicine the Metal element is associated with the season of autumn.  

Autumn is time of decline and loss, when historically life in rural societies slowed down after the final harvest to allow time for reflection and adjustment. This time of year is intended to be taken at a more leisurely pace if you were to follow nature's rhythms. However it is often the time of the new academic year and surge of new activities and courses starting, this creates a demand on the body-mind as it is inclined to slow down. The driving energy to carry on, can weaken ones Metal energy and bring stress to the immune system. 

Purification is a key word to do with the Metal energy, think of the way precious metals are extracted and purified from their ores. Clarity, precision, structure & malleability are some qualities of the Metal energy that you may notice occuring in natural world around you as the dead leaves fall away and the clear form and structure of the bare trees stand out. As a part of nature, we can also experience these qualities in ourselves around this time. Noticing what is falling away or what we are letting go of and tuning into what remains. Our relationship to letting go and experiencing grief connects with the metal element, alongside our feelings around boundaries and being able to interact with our external world while attending to our inner world (particularly our feelings around self worth).  

In Oriental medicine, the functions of this Metal energy are embodied by the lungs and large intestine meridians. In the workshop we will bring an awareness to these meridians in your own body and engage with a few helpful acupressure points on these meridians that you can use in your daily life. 

The large intestine moves waste downwards in the body, preparing to let it go through elimination.

The lungs enable fresh air to enter the body and expel waste gases. The air inhaled in interacts with the food we ingest to supply the needs of all our living cells to perform their functions fully. Both of these organs are about purifying the precious things needed for a vital body and clearing out the waste and unwanted parts.

If the Metal energy becomes too depleted and stuck, on a physical level the lungs can get invaded by the cold and get infected, diminishing their ability to bring fresh air in and therefore diminshing ones feelings of vitality. Mentally it may appear as feeling low and depressed, struggling with loss and letting go. 

If there is harmony in your Metal energy, you will feel through the autumn your lungs have a deep and dynamic breath that engage your core, diaphragm and belly and that don't get invaded by the cold in the forms of coughs or chest infections. Whilst also having healthy bowels to eliminate waste. You may also find you are able to have healthy boundaries and ability to let go of things in the face of change.

In the two and half hours you will experience:

Nicole Bettencourt Coelho is a Hypnotherapist and Sound Therapist in residence at Music Hackspace / Somerset House Studios. Working with the composition of improvised score at the intersection of traditional therapeutic instruments and modern production tools. Investigating the ability of sound and ritual form to support and direct the transformative power of performance trance. Catalysing change on an individual and collective level. Exploring symbol and psycho-spiritual systems at the threshold between inner and outer worlds. Harnessing this creative potential as a tool for well being, through a variety of techniques that function as rites of passage. http://nmbc.one @curveasc 

Joy Rose is a shiatsu and acutonics practitioner, who uses an interactive approach involving movement, stretches, acupressure points, sounds (acutonics), breath and massage techniques to treat the whole of you. Joy also has a background in medicinal herbs and incorporates these into her practice. Joy’s clinic is based in Hackney you can find out more about her practice here