Sun, 29 Sept | Private Garden, Hackney

Shiatsu & Sound Ritual | Earth Element

How do you feel as we transition into autumn? Do you look forward to decompressing & slowing down? Or do you feel it's more of a challenging time of letting go of the bright summer? This workshop combines shiatsu & sound ritual to explore your earth element at this time of year.
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Shiatsu & Sound Ritual | Earth Element

Time & Location

29 Sept 2019, 14:30 – 17:15
Private Garden, Hackney, London E2, UK

What to expect

As we move into autumn and away from the tail end of summer, how do you feel? Do you look forward to things slowing down and decompressing? Or do you feel like it is more of a challenging time of letting go of the bright summer?⠀ In Traditional Chinese medicine the Earth element is associated with the season of late summer. ⠀ This final glow provides a time to reflect on the culmination of abundance and what has been harvested from the warmer months just passed. A moment to gather, before the plants and our surroundings begin to turn their energy towards the soil for the colder months leading us on to the process of decomposition and letting go. Abundance, nourishment and reflection are the qualities of the earth energy. As a part of nature, we also experience these seasonal energetic shifts around this time of year.

Within the body the functions of this earth energy are embodied by the stomach and spleen meridians. The stomach digests and decomposes it’s contents and then passes them on to the spleen that transforms some contents into energy and sends the rest to be eliminated. The spleen draws out the nutrients that we need to feel nourished. ⠀ This processing and beginning to let go in order to transform, is happening all around us and can also occur within us. If the earth energy becomes too slow it can begin to feel stuck. On a physical level this can manifest as sluggish digestion. Mentally it may appear as cyclical thoughts that we are unable to act and move on. This can all lead to lethargy in the body and mental fatigue. If there is harmony in your earth energy, you will be able to digest food, thoughts, changes and begin to let go. Happily moving with the seasonal changes into what autumn brings.

In the two and half hours you will experience:

Nicole Bettencourt Coelho is a Hypnotherapist and Sound Therapist in residence at Music Hackspace / Somerset House Studios. Working with the composition of improvised score at the intersection of traditional therapeutic instruments and modern production tools. Investigating the ability of sound and ritual form to support and direct the transformative power of performance trance. Catalysing change on an individual and collective level. Exploring symbol and psycho-spiritual systems at the threshold between inner and outer worlds. Harnessing this creative potential as a tool for well being, through a variety of techniques that function as rites of passage. @curveasc 

Joy Rose is a shiatsu and acutonics practitioner, who uses an interactive approach involving movement, stretches, acupressure points, sounds (acutonics), breath and massage techniques to treat the whole of you. Joy also has a background in medicinal herbs and incorporates these into her practice. Joy’s clinic is based in Hackney you can find out more about her practice here


This workshop is part of Joy Rose’s Five Element series that will be running throughout the year (Spring 2019 - Spring 2020). You will gain an awareness at each workshop of the Five Elements and 12 Principal Meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and receive shiatsu, acutonics and a range of other therapies from other creative talented practitioners over the course of the workshops. You will also get to experience a selection of medicinal herbs that are relevant through the seasons.

You can either book one workshop at a time or buy a block of 5 tickets if you would like to attend multiple workshops in series - find out more here. With the 5 block booking you could get a feel for all Five Elements by attending one workshop for each element.