Tue, 09 Jul | Private Studio

Shiatsu & Flower Remedies | Fire Element

How do you feel in the Summer? Do you thrive? Or do feel like it is more of a challenging time where things can be overwhelming? This workshop combines shiatsu & flower remedies to explore how you feel as we move through the Fire energy of this season. An in depth workshop w/ only 8 spaces
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Shiatsu & Flower Remedies | Fire Element

Time & Location

09 Jul 2019, 18:45 – 21:30
Private Studio , Mentmore Terrace, London E8, UK

What to expect

Summer is on the horizon, how do you feel in the Summer? Do you thrive or feel like it is more of a challenging time where things can be overwhelming?

In oriental medicine the Fire element is closely linked with Heart, Heart Protector, Triple heater and Small Intestine meridians. The imagery of flowers blossoming, giving off their sweet aroma and vibrant colour, seducing pollinators, illuminates the the power and potency of the fire energy around us at this time of year. These opening and outward shifts of energy are happening all around us and can also occur within us, which are embodied by the 4 meridians listed above. If this outward fire energy becomes so open it tends to feel scattered, which can lead to anxiety, poor sleep, manic behaviour or feelings of overwhelm. If there is harmony in your fire energy, you will be able to blossom within yourself and with your surroundings, thriving from this time of peak energy and activity, whilst still being able to find moments of calm.

In the two and half hours you will experience:

  • Flower remedies - with Eleanor Darley & Heloise Tunstall-Behrens
  • Shiatsu treatment working on Fire energy - with Joy Rose
  • Acutonics with Joy Rose
  • Gaining a basic understanding of the Fire element in oriental medicine.
  • Qi gong and stretches to activate and support the meridians linked to your Fire energy.

Heloise Tunstall-Behrens works with Flower remedies, harnessing the vibrations of carefully selected flowers to gently ease anxieties specific to your situation. With a background in music and medicinal herbs, Heloise likes to explore complementary ways to combine these disciplines for healing.

Eleanor Darley makes our relationship with plants the centre of her work as a therapist, artist and transpersonal art counsellor.

Working with flower and plant essences, herbs and botanical art practices, she brings an in depth knowledge of how plants inform the creative process, and our physical and emotional awareness. She trained in traditional medicine in Mexico, Anthroposophical therapeutic art, and is founder of The School of Botanical Arts which is based on a traditional and contemporary practise, and the acknowledgment of the medicinal properties of plants, and their effect on our life processes. You can find out more about her practice eleanorsara.com.

Joy Rose is a shiatsu and acutonics practitioner, who uses an interactive approach involving movement, stretches, acupressure points, sounds (acutonics), breath and massage techniques to treat the whole of you. Joy also has a background in medicinal herbs and incorporates these into her practice. Joy’s clinic is based in Hackney you can find out more about her practice here www.joyrose.zone/shiatsu


This workshop is part of Joy Rose’s Five Element series that will be running throughout the year (Spring 2019 - Spring 2020). You will gain an awareness at each workshop of the Five Elements and 12 Principal Meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and receive hands on treatments of shiatsu, acutonics and a range of other therapies from other creative talented practitioners over the course of the workshops. You will also get to experience a selection of medicinal herbs that are relevant through the seasons.

You can either book one workshop at a time or buy a block of 5 tickets if you would like to attend multiple workshops in series - find out more here. With the 5 block booking you could get a feel for all Five Elements by attending one workshop for each element.