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Shiatsu, acutonics, interacting with plants and the land, are all intimately connected practices. Over the last seven years I have been exploring these, and other practices in between, gathering many threads of experience and qualifications along the way. The weaving together of these threads is an ever-evolving process -- a weave in which the warp and the weft are always in flow. Below is a bit more about how it’s woven together at the moment.

The idea that “all is in vibration” finds expression in many traditions and ages, from texts of ancient Greece and Egypt to those of 21st-century physics. The chair you may be sitting on is in a state of vibration, as is the screen on which you are reading this. This vibrational quality is found in all phenomena of the universe — from the orbits of the planets around the sun to the movement of electrons around the nucleus. According to theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this all pervasive vibration can be understood in terms of “qi”.There is no satisfactory translation for the word qi. We can describe it as an infinite spectrum of vibrational frequencies that creates and flows through all phenomena, whether material or insubstantial, whether animate or inanimate, whether physical or in the realm of feeling, linking them into an interconnected and ever-changing pattern. Our universe can be seen as made up of points of correlation in an unbroken and interconnected network of events, motions, relations and energies — the continuum of nature.


Shiatsu and acutonics dance within this continuum of nature and engage our instinctual and intuitive selves. They map constellations across information absorbed through all the senses. The nature of one’s voice, eyes, pulse; questions around relationships, diet, lifestyle, habits, dreams; one’s astrological charts; movement in the body's energy pathways (meridians); any physical pain, all these are expressions of qi that interact and hold relevance in these practices.


Interacting with plants also activates intuition and instinct, by reading the landscape with all the senses, noticing the conditions of the plants and soil, looking for signs of biodiversity, microbial and fungal activity, the historical and ancestral character of the land. The humans that inhabit the space or nearby places are important creatures to tune into too as they often have influence, whether intentionally foraging for food or accidentally spreading seeds. Also we are largely made up from the fruits of the land. At what point when eating a carrot, is it no longer considered a carrot, and becomes part of the human body? Through the eyes of the continuum of nature we are our food. This is instrumental in my connection to food and engaging humans with the land and their relationship to it. On my family’s farm in Chile - Vidacycle - our connection and respect to the land is a leading principle. Keeping a garden or working the land can be a way of waking up to the continuous character of nature, moving with rather than against it’s inhalations and exhalations. One sees the time coming for both fruition and for dying back, acknowledging the life/death cycle as essential.


To me the myriad of cycles which interplay in nature form the ‘cyclical wild’. The 'cyclical wild' is a clear thread in the weave - the microcosm within a greater macrocosm. Shiatsu and acutonics both tune into many cycles: the biological, behavioural and dream cycles, and within the five elements - the creative and control cycle. In plants and garden spaces, water, carbon and nutrient cycles, as well as ecological, seasonal and growth cycles, all play a part. This attention to cycles is also reflected in the creation of tools like the Moondala and sanctuary spaces like Sister Soak, both projects which seek to bring closer together our understanding of the moon’s monthly cycle with our bodily and behavioural cycles.


The pathways where qi circulates in humans and plants systems, can be thought of as smaller matrices within the bigger matrix of energy pathways of the universe — again microcosms within the macrocosm. The Taoists believe a sign of illness in the body or plant can be traced back to the lack of vibration or a blockage in these energetic pathways. When observing qi across materials, I bring a deep listening, communication, intuition and relevant touch or, sound (acutonics tuning fork), to interact with the matrix of energy pathways and bring a smooth flow of qi.


In the cosmological sequence of the Tao, Yin and Yang came into being through the phases of qi. Drawing on the interdependent character of the cycle of Yin and Yang, where each contains the essence of the other, Taoism is spoken of as the tranquility at the center of all disturbances. This imagery resonates with an important part of my practice, to welcome in and turn towards our lightness and darkness, the state of not knowing and the mystery of being.


In the same way as the weave infinitely interlaces threads together, the connections between shiatsu, acutonics and interacting with plants keep multiplying. Have a look around the site to find out more and experience these connections, there are lots of workshops & projects you can get involved in.


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